Tips on Traveling for First timer

Newbie in traveling the world? here are my tips as i experienced once my first travel.


Of course you are very excited to see life in the other side of the world. It is to travel the other dimensions of the world. I see myself when I first travel going out from my childhood place and thinking what will it be like to go to other places. It is kinda exciting at the same time scary in a good way. I considered my first travel when I went to Bangkok Thailand, but that is another story. So I will tell you here the first time I planned to travel together with my friend who is always on the go. It was a birthday gift to ourselves and I was thinking of the first place I want to go at the same time not so expensive. Going back to my topic, here are my tips for you:  


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  1. Do some research. Months or weeks before your scheduled departure, you need to look for options in your planned itinerary. Make some research about their history, culture, do’s and don’ts. Search for tips on the internet. There are a lot of blogs and tips about one country or another. I swear it would be a big help. Don't be lazy on doing that if you don't want to spend extra dollars on anything that is not on the budget plan. Give it a time, with all your pen and notebook list of information you need. To really know the place you are going to visit and if you are extremely excited, you can watch youtube videos to see what it looks like, the tourist spots, the foods, and the people.
  2. Make an itinerary. This is very important on the list when you do travel. It is to be exact what location, time or day you will be on the place you want to be in. A list of guide on your day to day activities so that you will not miss out a little research of the beautiful places you have been researching for days.
  3. Book your hotel before your scheduled flight. Make sure you keep all your transactions on your phone or the receipts in your wallet or pouch. So it will be less hassle on your part when you arrive at the place you feel super tired of the hours of sitting and napping in the plane. It is also a very helpful way to be relax when you already have the address of your hotel so you can rest a little bit, and ready to go on your tour.
  4. Is there a language barrier? You need to know if they can understand the international language. Because it is really important that you can communicate very well especially to the locals because when you get there eventually you can ask for any information. Especially on the transportations, directions and food you want to eat. Just have basic phrases you want to keep on your phone or an application that can help you translate words.
  5. Social culture. You should be aware on their culture so do also a research on this if you don't want to get embarrassed for your actions. Each country has their own culture and some of you want to know that right that is why you travel. Find out why their country is a must visit, what are their attractions, how the country grow, how are their people, how they interact. You should keep in mind that different country has their own culture or tradition. It is different from where you grow up. And you should respect them in doing so because that is how their faith works. I tell you, for sometime you will be amazed on the things you will know about them.
  6. Check the weather forecast. You should always be prepared on what place you will go so you will not spend extra money on buying clothes there that you might need because the weather is different from what you expect. You can check on the internet days before you leave for you be aware. It depends on what month is your scheduled flight because there are different kinds of season for each country. You don't want to get disappointed in what is in there right? So better be ready on that.
  7. Prepare you stuffs. I advise you to fix your stuffs days before you leave, list on important things you need bring in your carry ons, bag packs or in your luggage especially when you have your long vacation. It is better to list of your outfits, toiletries and gadget so you will remember the basic things you need. But usually, for me I sometimes pack my short vacation just 2 days or a day before i leave as long as i have my list of things what I should bring and just fit it in my luggage. It depends on your style what makes you comfortable in preparing your own stuffs at the end you are still the one who will profit on your actions.
  8. Make sure you have credit card or extra money. Important lesson you should do is a budget planning. Just add a little bit extra money on your pocket after you budget and put it on the list for the total budget you need. Mind as well, have your credit card activated because that is very important things in case of emergencies. What I usually do on my first travel is that as much as possible the things I will buy or extra payment for hotels and tours, if I can pay it on credit card and save my cash in a moment that would be a great deal. And i will tell again in case of emergencies that you need cash especially on their own currency. This will be good on your first 2-3 days but after that you can eventually spend it all afterwards.
  9. Be on yourself. Days before your travel, you will be excited and overwhelmed, thinking too much of the travel, and in all your expectations, don't be. Control your emotions. Don't freak out of the things you have researched or seen in the internet as long as you don't feel yet the feelings of traveling outside your own shell. Don't expect too much, just enjoy the moment when you get there.


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