Ignore the shits in your brain. Its overthinking

We all have problems on the way we are, and how we are. I think your brain don't have anything to think despite of noticing things about yourself and others. You spend time on this matter, and its hard its really hard to ignore. There is always one thing, 2 things, more things you notice about yourself and to others. Positive and a lot more negative. A person don't be satisfied in the way they are, how they look, their style, their fashion. Hey, you should stop doing that, be careful in anything you think about yourself. Stuff that is so useless. I am into you too people. I overthink a lot of things, and this is not only me I am talking, I think a lot of us can relate to this. But how to overcome this matter the fact that everyone around you is just like that. I am too, I am super aware of that, and I really don't want to bother myself so much on that because thinking of this is going to be nowhere. Then you, there, the one who is reading this, you tell yourself stop doing this. Stop observing too much ugly things about yourself and to others, stop noticing other peoples lives and stop doing things that make you feel worthless. It ruins your self and your life. Kidding. Too much of this I mean.



I wonder, why are we like this? Is it just we don't have so much things to do that we keep on thinking so much about  ourselves? Well I am talking to myself right now. Okay here it is, my point here is this. Do you know that too much negativities and dissatisfaction in yourself will make you feel down, stress and and may cause you aging and may ruin your brain cells. Hands up, I agree to this, and how bout you? How is it to be satisfied in all you have? Maybe this thoughts of mine can help you get through this things in yourself especially the younger generations now. Because I am too fighting on this, I am in a stage where i want to tell myself and how I slowly overcome this struggles in myself. Time flies so fast, and as it moves so fast, a lot of differences is happening in our lives. We tend to be so pressure in the things happening, and a little you know you are way too different from who you really are. Are you okay with that? I hope not. I'll tell you this, always be yourself. Don't pressure yourself in your surroundings. Its easy on you to be just simple the way you used to be. What matters is what makes you happy. Do the thing that makes you happy. And stop worrying, stop thinking so much. Do the things you love, maybe running, dancing, singing. Do you feel like buying a lot of stuffs, having new items, getting along with the people who's famous, attractive, rich will makes you satisfy? It will cause you more a lot problem, girl.  I feel I need to direct this message to all the girls. Because I feel you too, but not to the extent that I'll sacrifice everything on it, I'll do everything for it. Its a big no girl. I will get what i want, and I do what I want in my own hard work and perseverance. Yes, you can do it and you will do it. That's the first thing you do to gain yourself more confidence in yourself. I want to tell you that i am in my deepest downfall when my dreams fall off my tears, that I really want into this but how can I achieve this dream? Do I have the guts? Can I really do this? If I can, is this really makes me happy? Satisfy? You are right, see how it works on my brain, a lot of questioning and pressure is on me, when I decided to stop it. This moments in myself I overthink a lot, and it is so depressing. A moment where you just lay down in bed thinking over and over the things you want, the things you want to achieve but its hard, thinking of other people, what will I do in this time that I don't have things to do? Well, what I have right now makes me happy and satisfy. But pushing myself more to the greatest achievement I want is still on process and what I desire most is another story. But for now where I am matters the most. So yes, just ignore everything that comes into your mind and just live at the moment. Don't pressure yourself too much on what's happening on the now. There is always a rainbow after the rain. So think of the rainbow. 


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