I tell you what... my random thoughts

  1. Live your life to the fullest. Make out of life the best of it. Search and follow your dreams. Let it happen and do it now. 
  2. Move on to your reasons and alibi in your life. If you had failed relationships, if someone cheated on you, or you may be hurt, heartbroken, dead in a moment move forward. You just cant live you life like that. Never mind that trash feeling and do your job and do my number 1 advice.
  3. Give yourself a break. The moment that you don't have a life, doing your job 24/7, pretending to amuse your boss for doing great, satisfied in 3-4 hours of sleep or no sleep at all, following tough rules, and pleasing others well you just made it so wrong. Why do that, if your sacrificing yourself. Please take note to your beautiful self , me is your number 1 priority.
  4. Do yourself a favor. Can you just tell yourself i love you to the moon and back? Or at least treat yourself a good massage, a spa, a something that really get through your toughest days of your life. Nothing is wrong with that, just don't waste your one day to your hell life.
  5. Give your best shot in everything you do. So this is one thing you should do in your job, or in your dreams, or in your self. Opportunities comes in once and maybe if you feel like it is really for you then go on. Don't stake this one moment in your life.
  6. Think of beautiful moments you have. The moment when you are feeling awesome and beautiful and alive for a moment just think of happy thoughts, you can cry while you think of it. It is something to remind yourself that there is also good things happened in my life for once or count how many times it is.
  7. Don't let anyone give you a shit. Sucked it bitches. When you feel there is tons of people criticizing you or bullying you there is always a time for them. Don't ruin your day to people like this because they are just insecure talking to your back kind of thing, they don't live a life. I feel this one.
  8. Dress up in your comfortable outfit. There is nothing good for yourself if you choose to wear clothes which will makes you feel good, right?! Even if you torture fashion in what image you get in your clothes, so what, so be it. You don't care, because i don't care. I live what i want to.
  9. Get yourself a motto. Yes. Believe in it, live with it and so be it. It is how you see things by having a motto in life. Theres millions of them but choose the one you will always in your thoughts when you through life you will be able to stand up and say the words and again you are good to go.
  10. Love your hobby even if you are not so good at it. As long a you enjoyed it, killing it and learn from it. That is life you cannot have everything you want unless you are lucky enough you got it the time you were born. Im talking about your talent, which i am so frustrated which i don't have and i sucked it. I am literally frustrated when anyone got one but how can i? I just live with it.  Accept it, so do you too okay? This is a life without talent, doing stuffs like this, drowning myself to this thought and wanting it so bad. And to tell you what, i am not the only one with this. We have millions so it is just fair. 
thinking about random thoughts
thinking about random thoughts


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I tell you what... my random thoughts

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