Hotel review: Diamond's Inn, Mandalay Myanmar

I always check to for a good hotel before going to travel. It helps me on checking whether the hotel has a good review or not. When i saw the photos of the hotel and the reviews, it makes me think what if we will stay there for a night so we can check how good it is. 


Finally the day has come, we already came to Mandalay, Myanmar. We don’t have free shuttle from the hotel, the airport is very far from the city so we need to grab a private bus which caters foreign people from the airport. We just gave the hotel’s address and we almost tour the place where the airport is located. 


After we arrived at the hotel, unexpectedly staff came over for us with a greetings and a helping hands. It is such a great feeling, it’s like expecting you at home.

Diamonds Inn, Hotel Staff

Staffs greeted us kindly and welcomed us with warm smile. They gave their all attention to us and asked all the information from my booking and after everything was set, the manager eventually informed us that she gave us a very good promotion, she upgraded our room to a more luxurious looking double single bed room without any additional payment. 

 with the diamonds inn staffs

That caused a big smile in our faces as we heard it. On our way to our room, some staff helped us with our luggage upon going to the 6th floor of the building, there is no elevator so I am a little bit disappointed but somehow when we reached on our room I was astounded because we just paid very cheap and yet the room is very elegant looking. The beds are soft and very clean with all the white sheet and blanket with the little introductory design in the bed. The internet wifi were very fast.

Room of Diamonds Inn

Guess what? at first you will not notice where the toilet is, but afterwards she showed us where the toilet is and surprised it was the sliding door with a sliding curtain which covered the whole glass. The best thing is that the toilet has very unusual in design, a see through glass with a rolling curtain which covers you up when you take a bath. The toiletries has a good quality products, that you will definitely feel free to use. There are toothbrush with a small size toothpaste, a shower gel, shampoo, hair comb, shower cap and cotton buds. There are different towel size which is great, separate use for face, for your hair and for your body. But no bathrobes, but it is totally fine. 

Diamonds Inn comfort room

The shower has hot and cold water control and you can choose whether you want a rain shower or a removable shower. There is a mini chair, a cabinet, a small table and a dresser with a small fridge and a water heater. 

 Diamonds Inn Furniture

We just took a rest for a while before heading to our first itinerary, by this time we are not able to get up in the bed because we already feel the comfort at last from our travel.

Glenz Tarriman resting at Diamonds Inn

Rhea Ballan resting at Diamonds Inn

Getting up from the bed and fixing everything, we went downstairs to ask for a help. They are very helpful, they pay attention to our needs and questions and they did their best in giving us simple instructions. After a day passed by, we need to stay one more day to this place because there is a lot more to see in Mandalay, so at first we planned to search for another hotel so we can compare one from another but after we stayed here for one night we eventually love it here and we’d decided to extend one more night. We are satisfied from everything we experienced so here. 

 Satisfied at Diamonds Inn

Foods: we had our free breakfast, although it is not a big buffet with a lot of options but it is simple and cute little buffet with delicious foods, it is set to three or four options of food with unlimited bread, you can toast it and put a jam, butter etc., free newly brewed coffee, tea or juice. But basically you can just eat and taste everything what is served, all are delicious and something new for your tummy. I have tasted their famous fried rice vermicelli and a lot more side dish. My tummy had a great experienced with their food with no complains at all last for the whole morning trip before the lunch time.

Diamonds Inn breakfast meal

Diamonds Inn breakfast meal


As we said goodbye, we had extra time chatting and taking pictures with them. 

Overall: we were just totally satisfied with our stay in Diamond’s inn. I highly recommend this hotel if you have plan to go to Mandalay, Myanmar for a short vacation, you can feel the comfort from your long day tour in the area. 


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