Give it up for some love love love

Why is love so sweet, yet so bitter, yet so sour, yet so bland, yet so gross but still so beautiful and it makes you wanna go crazy. You just left out of words to describe this fascinating feeling but making you stupid and still you want more.

The context of love is so amusing that it is so unexplainable and yet you still searching for the answers but you just let it flow the way it goes. It is doubtful at time when you do a move.. is it right, am I in the right path, what happens next? All stuffs like this is all about asking love are you worth all my time, my effort my sacrifice my life? Well yes, it is exactly God wants you to feel to have because life is all about love. Where it came from, even i myself don't know the answer, but as you can read by this message i just wanna share a brief thoughts from me about love.

I am not a pro to this, I am just a living person who exactly feel the same as you do. You are right, I am just an ordinary person with a simple life. And I just wanna share to you my thoughts. Maybe it can help a person who lost a loved one, who is a heartbroken for a moment and still want to loved and to be loved, someone who is afraid to love, a person who fall in love at the moment, and a person who don't know he/she already feel love, or lastly a person who is very numb about love and hates everything. I do hope so because I am here to be an angel of love. No, I'm just kidding. I just make this a little bit funny, but is it? Hahaha.. Well as I grew up, i really know love exists. My parents thought me so, love one another as you love yourself. That's one important message from God. Whenever maybe, whatever maybe happen for some reason that you did something stupid to a person you love them, and they still love you back.

Love Lock at Asiatique Bangkok Thailand
Love Lock at Asiatique Bangkok Thailand


Okay apart from this, I want you to open up yourself for the word love itself. It is just a word, with an extravagant meaning which I cannot explain very well because I know for sure you already had that in your heart a very long time ago. I'm just saying that you cannot just say love to a person without an action. It is define by your action to a person, towards a person. How can you say love to a person without any touch of emotions? You will say it loud because you felt it, you are moved by it and you just show it. It is a matter what action you show off to a person. For example for your family, you show love and affection to them by protecting them from pain and any harm. You want to share or you want to feel the pain alone by yourself. You want to know all their thoughts, their feelings, being with them all the time, spending time with them because time flies so fast and you want to give back what they sacrifice for you. It is loved by your family grows in your younger years, how they show loved to you, you return it back to them. Its a selfless love because you have them since you were born in this planet. They give unconditional love that whatever happens, whatever you decisions still they got your back. How about to a friend, you trust them and you want to share your moments with them. You both show love by giving time for them to listen to advice to care and to be with them you will never let your friend be hurt by anyone because he or she is part of you. To your loved one, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend you show intimate feelings with them, you show different kind of love because you feel he/she the love of your life sharing sweet moments and happiness towards each other. You give understanding, patience, care, trust, respect to them and show the greatest love to them. It is a greatest achievement to have when you know that you definitely working on that love you had because it is still building, it is not yet finish.  Nothing is finish in love, its always working on progress all the time. You will learn from it, you grow from it, you find happiness on it and you just have it all your life so you need it to be always active. I hope you get that.

Well, from my perspective point of my brain love conquers everything. There is always a roller coaster on love, it is not always happiness there is always a mixture of some nasty ingredients that you need to counteract to it. You just put all mixture in one lovely cake that has a layers of different flavors on it and you just decide whether it tastes good for you or nah. I'm saying, that we need to conquer every consequences, hindrances, that is coming to your way. Because love is also happiness. It gives joy, satisfaction, and admiration to another living person/people. And lastly you can also show love to other people, through humanity. Nothing in life is so satisfying than helping others in need. To show a little care, to give what you can give, to share a little blessings from your hard work, from your heart a so much love you give to humanity. And we should not let it die for some reason that people now easily forget it. We can always be a reminder to all people out there that you can still be a help a little or big it doesn't matter because of love to God and to humanity you can do things without any questions, without anything in return. God wants us and deserve to have always love in our hearts no matter what because that is the true essence why we live in this planet. It is hard at times, because it is easy to hate people, it is easy to do things so bad to a person but when you put your trust in God that there is always a love in every hateful heart you can conquer it. Just believe in Him, because He know and He will always lead the way.


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