Facts why relationship can be broken

I do not understand why people cannot be satisfied on their own relationship. Someone is doing moves to make it a little complicated. Beware of the bitches and beware of the users. Bitches is for dogs, but why it is spreading in humanity? Girls you should think that you don't need a man that loves bitches. They are torn to an almost perfect relationship or playing around with a bitch. They will not be satisfied in all they have, they make lame excuses and lying in your face. I don't know who to blame first when disasters comes into a relationship. I don't get the people who is doing miserable things, letting one person break his/her heart, cheating, lying, using or being so cool. Oh its not cool at all. Cheaters don't go to heaven but hell. You should mind what will be breaking if you do some bad moves when you are in a relationship. Here's my point: 


For the gorgeous and sweetest girls around the corner, having hard time on taming their boyfriend, husband let me tell you this, you are an amazing woman, and special each of us. Do not blame yourself or anything about the hardship on having the kind of relationship you don't want to be fail or break. Girls i know that you give your all when you love, when you give your heart to a man he sure is lucky one to have a girl like you. Girls are the best in relationship and the best in ruining once a relationship. I don't want to go sideways but to tell you honestly girls are the one who is easy to fall and easy to catch. Don't  be hard on this, this is a life lesson and an observation i want to tell you. I want you to be strong  girls, mind your value. Everyday is a lesson learn and every month is lesson learned and every year is a grown up time. Don't make the same mistakes over and over again. Before you get into a relationship you really need to know what is the real intention of the guy. Can he commit to a serious and true commitment? Time gives the answer so be patient. Everything will be measured in time when you dig deeper. Girls if you have had failed relationships before learned from it, don't let past be the hindrance on having a new relationship. It is hard for a girl that had have a broken heart, time is her companion to heal the pain and memories that created after all it  failed. Girl, you need to stand up and don't get too intimidated on the past and to the boy who broke your heart. Girls can really forgive, but they cannot forget. Once they are broken, it will last, sometimes they treasure the once good memories. How can be a girl so naive and just fragile when it comes to love? Answer is because they give their all, they value everything in it and just like a simple mistake it will fade away and broke into pieces. You are way too beautiful, way too smart and way too gorgeous to let your tears fell of your eyes, creating a wrinkles on your face and getting ugly image when you frown and stressing out. Remember that we are fabulous, we created with style and awesomeness in our soul. You need to pat yourself, wake up in your bed and style your own style, be beautiful, be fabulous and be awesome because that's your worth. Sometimes you need no one to do the stuff for you, you can stand on your own and be dependent on your own self. Be smart and preserve your dignity, be your beautiful self. Don't be insecure when others have everything. You don't know what they get through with what they have. 


To the boys, who are almost as kind as you are not literally, get your head straight because you lead the damn relationship. You are the ones who make a lot of moves to get the girl of your dreams and you are the one more responsible to this relationship. Just love one girl of your dream, treasure her, make her special and do it right. So yeah, before you get into the relationship ( i want this caps lock, programmer)  assess your damn self if you are ready to commit. Try to focus, resist all the temptations in the world that makes her break and feel nothing anymore. Take it seriously (read the second upper part) because they just love you all the way who and what you are.I know for sure more or less 70% of guys are the ones who got their brain damage of making a relationship fail and give a girl a broken heart. You do the moves because it is so easy on you, you are use to that and nothing will stop you to do things which is bad to a relationship even your sweetest innocent girl will be the prey. I don't really like to make sides (because not all guys are like this) but sometime It is really unfair, and i don't want unfairness in this world. So please let me give some words from my hypothalamus, do your part as a man. Do good in the relationship because you started it. Don't let a girl be turn into pieces because of the shits you will going to make or a simple mistake that will totally destroy the relationship and also the girl's dream. Once a girl get into a serious relationship expect high expectations because a lot of fantasy are on her head. Treasure her, make her a queen, love her and make her happy it will eventually goes into your system as well when you see special to your heart becomes happy. There is always a temptations around, bitches come to get you but don't be silly as you need to think first what is the best, the one who is so easy to get or the one will give you a lifetime. Think not once but twice and think all over and over until your brain will really focus on what you want. Its a matter of choice. So do the right choice. 


And to all losers, you are a lousy af. Don't you dare step into an almost perfect relationship. As i say karma is a bitch, much bitch than you know one. Just mind it, don't pull the trigger if the magazine is full because it will strike you straight into your face than you can imagine. Get a life, don't be so insecure. Find your own person's dream. You are so much than a second option. Or to tell you straight you are more worth it than anyone because you will make a stand for yourself. No one wants to comment bad thoughts about you, or calling you whore, bitch slut all the grossness words can tell you. No one deserves to be call that way. If you had already did something foolish on your past, it is not that late to make a move and get your pants straight and do the right thing. Do it for yourself in a way you become proud of what you do to make things right. Get one for you, and only for you and just you. Girls don't get so close to a guy with a girlfriend, if it happens the gut is your bestfriend, then make his girlfriend you beast-friend and know some boundaries. And to all guys who are bitchin bitches you should stop right there and think of your girl. Okay?! I cannot help those bitches to give advices, i knew already you read a lot of stuffs like this but mind to tell that it is a reminder to ya all. If you have time to read stuff like this better move your ass now and follow the rules. You should not playing games right when you have thoughts on tips having a good relationship don't cha? I give it to these people who are ready to move on as a second option, and tell you straight to your face you are more than a bitch, you are a human who deserves someone to like and love you as you alone. No one else. And  there's no need to deprive yourself for something that is not worthy? Or will you? It will not give you the happiness you want. You should know that you are a  person with dignity who will not suck at things on ruining a relationship. Do it legally, get the braincells more intelligent and have a heart that is strong to face all the things come into your way. You may be soft and tender but you can make it for yourself. And i will tell again it is a choice you make what will makes you happy and think twice thrice, over and over again all the decisions you make. Love lots. 


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