10 things from the heart in this crazy but beautiful "LIFE"

Life is hard, tough, difficult to survive, a lot of trouble, problem, trial that is coming to your way, sometimes it strikes you, it hits you in the face. You are just standing in one corner and boom the problem is really fast,  its speed is like the bullet train in Japan, and All you can do is kneel, face down and absorb the feeling and cry. Thats it! 

It is not perfect, you cannot control life's reality. There is a time in your life you will asks questions like "Why? And what?" When you are on your lowest time of your life, sadness, loneliness, heartaches, sorrows, you ask God or to your people, friends "why me?, why do i need to feel this?, Am i a bad person?, what is happening in my life?, what did i do?". You keep asking and asking but there is no answers, you become down, more down until you cannot resolve it and just regret it instantly. 

But life turns upside down, you can never tell. At this point you are in your lowest but next time you are in your happiest. Life give struggles that you cannot overcome. It is up on your choice how you will handle things in your own way. And never forget there is always One, Mighty, Highest of all, we have always God in our lives. He will always be there in all your journey and moments in your life. So never forget that. Now ill give to you my 10 things from my heart what i always have in myself to live by whatever whichever happens in my journey. To tell you honestly i am just an ordinary person who just witness life in different perspectives, i am just the same as you. I hope this will help your daily basis how you deal with life's ups and downs. Cross fingers, we can make it, to live wonderfully. 

crazy beautiful life
crazy beautiful life


  1. Live each day as if it is your last. Can you observe everyday you wake up, another single day is coming to your way and end up sleeping. And you ask yourself what did i do in my 24 hours, did i do something great, did i learn something, did i finish what should be done this day? Questions like this makes me wanna go insane.  I leave that questions behind and think that this day is awesome i live, i still breathe, i did something great which is to live my life whatever i can do in this day. No stress.
  2. Be positive in every circumstances.  I know its hard sometimes to face the situations your gonna experience, especially negative happenings but be strong and capable in every situations you are into, it may be good or bad you need to be optimistic on it. I may be a lot of stuffs in my mind going on whenever, whatever  comes but ill make sure it is settled in positive ways. You try and make things light and brighter when your being positive. Don't let negativity comes first in your mind, i know its tempting to think worst scenario but escape it and go through a positive perspective. There is always end situations your into so be patient and make a choice how to see things.
  3. Do not give up. This is the least lesson i learned in my life, that never give up on your dreams, i am not good at it because i am still working on it. I used to take things so easily and just never mind it and just move on. Start to think what else i can do for substitution. You know what i mean? So don't be me, because i am still in working on progress but i live by in this thoughts. This is a very strong outlook in my life, i easily give up on things, i don't push my self so hard to go to what myself really want or love. This is very hard for me to tell, because i am a coward at times. And its life you have your own weaknesses and strengths. But now i am doing very well with the help of friends and loved ones who push me so hard and didn't give up on me. I hope you too, do the same.
  4. Everything happens for a reason. Yes, for sure. Everything in life and happening in you has all reasons. You might ask, what it is? And why is that? And so on, but i know for sure God planned everything in you. You don't know it yet but you'll get there. This is my main motto in my life because i am not a lucky girl who is rich, famous from poor to rich. I need to work my ass to do a living to buy my stuffs and somehow share a little bit of my hard work. I wish i could be a superstar one day, or win lotto but no. There is a reason, why i think of this, write to you my thoughts, a reason to live, there is a reason why i am in this position in my life, there is a reason for all the heartaches, the people who surrounds you. So yes, everything will happen for a reasons, just don't ask too much "why?" Because only God know and all you can do is be thankful for everyday that is happening in you, good or bad. 
  5. Everyday is a learning day. This thought makes me live by everyday, people around you or things might happen to you have a great impact in your life. These people who you will meet and pass by in your life will give you lessons and maybe wisdom. They may share their experiences to you, their knowledge and wisdom and you might be so curious about life. That's why now i can do things like this because i learned a lot from others, before i was so naive i really don't care about things happening, about life, growing to be a better person but by the help of time i was now so curious and wanting to learn more (by the way, this is my first blog hope you will like it and you learn and it helps you in a simple ways) Living by myself far from my family needs me to be more independent and somehow sometimes be dependent on others who you call friends. And you meet people, maybe strangers and you get close to them, chat with them and learn more on their experiences then you just realize life isn't really the same. And there is a lot more to learn. 
  6. Prioritize your things. This may be a little difficult for me because i really need to practice this. I am a bit lazy and i procrastinate a lot of things, a lot of times which is bad. So this is a habit of me to get my self more improvement. I don't mind, i really working on it, like i don't want to be happy go lucky always. Because this is my falling stage in my self which i need to help myself seriously. There is always a downfall on your self so don't judge me with this. I want to tell you this because you need to know your negativities and work on it, literally. I let the time pass without any thinking to finish things up. And i knew it all along and i said to myself this is a very bad habit, i may be used to it and never i want that to happen. I work on it, i list things up in my notes or in my phone and check it all the time what things should i do first to last. You just write it up, you go first to the easiest to hardest, to what you can do on this day alone. 
  7. Finding my inner purpose. Everyday for me is a day passing by, thinking in times what is my purpose in this world. This is a reality for me, and maybe to you too. I am just an ordinary person who always live everyday. Then i read books which is a self help books, inspirational books etc. but then i cant find the answers on it. Somehow it helps me motivate things which exists in real life situations. People who are very fortunate may share their fortunes, blessings but do they found their main purpose in life? Living daily basis and thinking your purpose is a little depressing, but to tell you here i do somehow know a little bit what is my purpose in this planet. The least i know is you can die with your loved ones, you share your life to the people you loved, you give time to your friends who needs a shoulder to cry on, you can be the clown to the sad, you can share your blessings to the needy, a little is big enough for them. You can make people laugh, you can cure the sick, you can help live the depressed, you can love and share love and spread love. Thats it. There is love in the air, you open its wings and fly. Thats one thing God tell everyone to spread love, it may be painful sometimes but love conquers all. 
  8. Be humble kind and thoughtful. These three golden attitude is hard to achieve when you don't have any. You will learn it to others, you can apply it to yourself and say this is a good feeling. You don't need to show off. You don't step on anyone. You give equal treatment to everyone. If anyone wants to be mighty and high as the sky then you dig down to make yourself humble. There will be nothing to lose anyway. Just think that they are just up until the sky but God is the highest of all. He is the universe. They cant compete with your God. Be kind, when someone treat you ain't right then kill them with kindness. That's the greatest revenge, but don't step too much on your pride. Still stand tall, chin up and don't let yourself down.They'll be more angry at you when you don't fight back, they want you to have the same level with them, just put good words unto them and pray them over. You cant lose anyway. And be thoughtful, just be honest in every words you say, in every action you will do. It all matters, because you know yourself very well that everything you do, you do it rightly. 
  9. Be happy always. Just give smile in every situations you are into, even if you cry so hard and every problems sink in your mind just keep smiling they cant defeat you. And you know smiling turns to laughter is always the best medicine. Keep calm and smile to the people who always frowning at you, just look at them and wear your prettiest smile. This is the greatest make up you will ever wear for free, everyone becomes more beautiful when they smile. The sad will become happy when they see you smile, and its free for everyone. It is your choice, to do or not to do "smile". But i give you no choice, just smile and be happy everyday.
  10. Always pray. This is the last thing i say to you, so that this is the first thing you will do in everything that i said. Save the best for last. This is a very powerful weapon you always have in your everyday life. And this is my secret of all. Don't  let the day pass without saying anything to our Father. He always listen to all that is happening in your day. So ill remind you all that life isn't unfair, God treats us fairly you'll be patient when your turn comes. You can pray everything, anything you want to, for your family, your friends, for other people and for yourself. Just skip whatever your doing for a minute and find time to pray and meditate. Everything happens for a reason, there is a lot to be thankful for, to pray for. 

Ill end here, i hope you find joy and peace in reading this blog. This is from my heart and i want to share to you all. Goodluck and be happy. Lavsyah!!... Rheabunny



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